Raziel’s Suite of Solutions supports the entire care spectrum from single chronic to conditions requiring hospital level services at home.

Results include: ER visits down 50%, Hospitalizations down 30%, 7-day readmissions down 35%,
30-day readmissions down 40%

Raziel Solutions
Core Benefits


Our Solutions restore hope and confidence to seniors.

Raziel Solutions are designed to care for your total population. Medicare and many private insurers will reimburse Raziel services for eligible patients.

Patients receive a core set of tools, technology and support including monitoring kits, connectivity via smartphone apps and Care Team access and guidance.

Raziel enables highly personal experiences, blending precision medicine, chronic and disease state management, acute and post-acute care, early disease detection, lifestyle support and behavioral change science. 

In all Solutions data monitoring results and care interactions flow into your EMR for a longitudinal view of each patient. Raziel integrates with Cerner, Epic and other major EMRs.

Single to Multi Chronic (Remote Patient Monitoring)

Raziel's approach integrates CCM and RPM into a single solution (as applicable per patient).

Chronic diseases supported in the solution include Pre and Post Surgery, Hypertension, Heart Failure, COPD/Asthma, Diabetes and Oncology.

Care Teams monitor patient vitals and deploy smart AI-driven algorithms to identify and escalate for those requiring immediate intervention.

Care is delivered via video visits, contextual surveys, alerts, interventions, escalations, emotional, lifestyle and nutritional coaching.

Raziel's program begins with patient identification and delivery of custom FDA-approved monitoring devices for capturing the required vitals complete with a pre-paired smartphone for data transmission.

Raziel also offers downloadable smart phone apps. and web portal access for surveillance and early warning detection of broader rising risk patient populations.

Raziel's smartphone and apps. pair and integrate with hundreds of FDA-approved Medical Monitoring Devices and Activity Trackers for capturing Sleep, Mood, Stress, Physical Exertion and ever-expanding physiological metrics coming on the market.

Whether a smartphone is shipped with kits or apps. are downloaded through the iOS or Android store, staying connected to patients has never been easier.

On the clinical side, Care Workers are provided roles-based patient access and management through a robust point and click dashboard accessible from any web browser. Raziel's user interface delivers a rich set of tools for setting up and managing care pathways, early warning alerts, automated patient surveys, analytics and reporting.

In a fee for service model, Medicare revenue is based on CPT codes for reimbursement under CMS and Medicare. These may include RPM 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458 and CCM 99490, 99487, 99489.

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Complex Medical & Social (RPM Intensive)

Raziel supports a next-level intensity of care delivery for the sickest of patients with a confluence of medical and social needs.

In addition to our core RPM solution, RPM Intensive provides a broader team of multi-disciplinary care workers, greater levels of service and active coordination in the home provision.

In a fee for service model, Medicare revenue includes CPT codes for reimbursement under CMS and Medicare.

Look at High risk Snapshot

Hospital at Home

Designed to manage very high-risk patients and provide acute hospital-level care in the home, this program includes consultative program design and implementation with clients, evidence-based screening protocols to identify eligible patients and clinically validated baseline management protocols tailored to each client.

This program also incorporates high definition two-way video monitors, continuous monitoring and tele icu physician support.

Raziel's continuous monitoring means real-time analysis and measurement as well as in-app. surveys for reported changes in health.

Raziel's Hospital at Home program improves patient comfort while delivering positive clinical outcomes and lower costs compared to hospitalization.

The revenue model includes CPT codes for reimbursement under CMS and Medicare.

Launching with Raziel

The Raziel Implementation Team has launched programs on the Platform for 15+ consecutive years. Our Clinical Operations Team will setup your rules-based credentials to the care manager, provide workflow documentation, care management protocols, reimbursement reporting and other business office functions such as billing, operations and technical support.

Program setup will include identifying and segmenting patients, delivering monitoring kits and modifying clinical care pathways including setting up alerts, intervention parameters, early warning detection and surveillance criteria.

Implementation timeframes can be swift for those clients who are on an accelerated timeline.

At Raziel, our compliance and legal office serves as support for CMS and Medicare reimbursement questions as well as communicating changes in policies and regulations.

For clients who require skilled resources, Raziel's Clinical Care Center is operated by a multi-disciplinary team including top-of-license RN's, Clinical Staff, Health Coaches and Behavioral Scientists.

We work in a number of models from full-outsource to hybrid to full documentation and training for in-house management of the Platform.

Proactive Wellness & Prevention

Raziel threads wellness into everything we do across patient populations because the better people feel, the better they will live.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that all people deserve to live their healthiest lives by receiving continuous guidance, education and encouragement.

Evidence shows that populations at rising risk benefit greatly from proactive wellness support.

Custom Solutions

The Raziel architecture is designed to meet a broader set of needs for managing risk as well.

Our Strategy Team includes veteran healthcare executives, solutions architects and clinical operations team members.

The breadth and flexibility of the Raziel Platform allows for rapid implementation and launch against a set of unique and sophisticated requirements.

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