The Enterprise "Platform as a Service"

Flexible & Scalable

Supporting a single suite of solutions from chronic care to hospital at home. Whether you operate in a fee for service model, risk-based or hybrid of both, Raziel's Platform is built for today and scalable for tomorrow.

Clinical Intelligence

Over 12 million+ interactions in the intelligence engine and 15+ years of R&D, the Raziel Platform is reliable and proven.

Raziel is built for point and click customization of its' always improving clinical care pathways, alerts, interventions and escalations to address post-acute care, chronic care management, hospital at home and a myriad of other applications including lifestyle and behavior modification.

Raziel’s ML processing continuously gathers patient vitals, interactions, patient survey responses and outcome data across patient populations for continuously improving and individualizing interventions and support.

Artificial Intelligence is designed to address the demands of a high-velocity digital first care model including the avoidance of false positives, pathway and intervention automation and eliminating repetitive tasks to improve efficiencies.

Continuous Connectivity

Raziel's cloud-based Platform dashboard is accessible by Care Teams from any web browser using roles-based sign-on credentials. Patients connect via Raziel's smart phone app which enables calls, video visits, contextual surveys and direct 24/7 care and support including lifestyle and behavioral coaching. Raziel also provides web portal access for those who prefer using their web browser.

Continuous Care programs include customizable monitoring kits for capturing all the necessary vitals and activity tracking and behavioral data necessary to influence outcomes according to your patients' conditions.

In addition to monitoring devices, Raziel captures readings straight from smart phones using the camera lens. Our latest innovation captures heartbeat and heart rate variability for tracking stress index metrics.

All data monitoring results and care interactions flow securely in real-time to your EMR as clinical events for a single 360 longitudinal view of each patient. Raziel integrates directly into leading EMRs, including Cerner, Epic and more.

Care Delivery

Raziel staffs multi-disciplinary, top-of-license RNs, Clinical Experts and Health Coaches as an optional expansion of your Team.

Raziel offers a number of models for leveraging the expertise of the Raziel Care Center across RPM, High Intensity Requirements and Hospital at Home.

Our approach is comprehensive and addresses dynamic stratification, acute decompensation, healthcare system engagement, medication reconciliation and adherence, health literacy, care pathway reconciliation, lifestyle interventions and social determinants.

The Raziel Clinical Care Center can be utilized to scale your Team or leveraged to onboard and train your staff for in-house operations.

Enterprise Security

Hosted on AWS for zero latency and unlimited scale, Raziel is an ISO 13845 certified organization that utilizes NIST guidelines in order to achieve HIPAA compliance and compatibility with ISO 27001. Our cloud services are SOC II / SOC III certified.

All data is encrypted in transit. We use TLS (PKCS #1 SHA-256 with RSAEncryption) with a 2048 bits certificate on our browser-accessible care worker dashboards to ensure sessions are encrypted. Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Data is stored in AWS Aurora and Elastic Search. All data is encrypted via AES-256.