The Birth of Raziel

"I founded Raziel for one simple reason: While healthcare is often excellent inside the four walls of the hospital, follow-up care at home has a host of real challenges. So much so, that in the case of my own mother, she lost her life over complications at home that were entirely avoidable.  I was devastated and frustrated as you can imagine. On top of that, as a Physician and Chief Medical Officer, I was stymied as to how this could have been avoided."

- Jeff Gruen, Founder & CEO

A paradigm shift was required.

"Tiny slices of care with patients during the whirlwind 10-minute office visit needed to change. Fifteen years later at Raziel, we now know a lot. I would say the high order bit is seniors and all of us are hungry for continuous support which to me means catching people before they fall and celebrating their triumphs. And if that support can happen in the convenience and comfort of their own home, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. And with innovative CMS reimbursement programs and the rise of value-driven models, Continuous Care also means improved financial health for providers and health plans."

What patients really want is evolving fast.

"Beyond medical oversight and necessary clinical interventions, we now know that a continuous connection to patients has the power to transform lives through teaching health literacy, encouraging self-love and ultimately, support confidence building. We've dubbed Raziel "Air Traffic Control for patients." Whether it's daily reminders or lifestyle and behavioral changes to improve health and overall well-being, I am proud of the talented team we have assembled to engineer and care for patients at the individual level and wider population level as a digital care enabler for Hospitals, Physicians and Health Plans."

The Core Team

Jeff Gruen, MD, MBA

Founder, CEO

Deepak Damodaran, MBA

EVP, Product

Debbie Heesch

Client Success

Erin Haigh, MBA

Product Management

Jack Vidal, MBA


Marisol Rivera

Client Success

Peter Jones

Business Development

Ran Perry


Scott Beck, CCRN, CEN

Business Development