As healthcare workers, the pandemic forced us to adapt. We did. Now expectations have shifted. Forever.

Continuous Care

Think of the Raziel Platform as "Air Traffic Control" for providing greater visibility into the daily lives of patients with early warning detection and powerful control over behavior change and outcomes.

Raziel's Enterprise Continuous Care Platform enables you to provide premier care to patients at home, garnering addictive patient loyalty and true engagement.

Care at Home

Like Amazon, Uber and DoorDash, Raziel delivers always-on healthcare to patients at home. And it's no surprise they love it.

Raziel delivers significant alternative revenue and EBITDA for your practice or health system.

Patient: George

“I have peace of mind knowing that my care team is on top of my condition, while I get to stay home."
Clinical intelligence

Actionable Insights = Better Outcomes

Raziel collects and curates vitals and lifestyle data at the patient and population-level in order to deliver actionable, tactical insights. Advanced analytics and algorithms track daily trends, raise alerts early, identify and deploy interventions and personalize patient engagement. This creates adherence, behavior change and time-saving automation via conversational AI at scale.

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Continuous CONNEctivity

Real-Time Monitoring of Patient Populations

Raziel delivers custom monitoring kits targeted to chronic conditions. Built with seniors at the center of our design, Raziel does not rely on Wifi or Bluetooth pairing. Patient data is sent live via cellular network. Data integrates directly into all leading EMRs in real-time and HIPAA and ISO standards ensure best-of-breed security and governance.

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Care delivery

Precision Care + 24/7 Support

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Patients forget to take their meds, need emotional encouragement to take that daily walk or require medical interventions or escalations. Whatever your patient needs, physical, social or emotional, we have you covered. Raziel provides the necessary data and support to care better for seniors at home. *Results are clear: lower hospital admissions and readmissions, improved quality metrics and higher patient retention.

* Queens University Study, Kingston Ontario

Raziel is proud to support innovative clients

University of Alabama Medicine, UPMC, Anthem/CareMore Health and Walmart